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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been used date back 4000-5000 years. There is a vast repertoire of herbal medicine textbooks that have been revised and supplemented over the centuries. In addition, since the 1950s there has been much modern biomedicine research done with the efficacy of using Chinese herbal medicines. At Gleamy Acupuncture Centre, our Chinese herbalists make their diagnosis according to traditional methods which include inspection, listening and olfaction,inqury,and pulse-taking and palpation and tailor makes a prescription to suit your needs individually.


A Chinese herbal prescription can be comprised of many different herbs. Usually a combination of 10-20 dried herbs is boiled in a decoction and drunk twice a day. Some herbs are prepared as freeze dried granules and many formulations are also available as pills or tablets.


At Gleamy Acupuncture Centre, we comply with world guidelines and do not use any endangered species. All herbal products imported in to New Zealand by our suppliers are checked by MAF and customs. However, some of Chinese medicines are of animal origin such as oyster shell and minerals such as hematite are sometimes used as well.

Chinese herbal medicine can be used seperately for treatments from acupuncture or is used together with acupuncture treatment to supplement acupuncture therapy.
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